Creating Compelling Outdoor Illuminated Displays

Captivating outdoor displays at Christmas, and throughout the year, can promote a strong sense of community and enhance brand visibility. In this article, we share some of the strategies we consider when creating outdoor displays for our clients.

Christmas presents an ideal occasion to foster a strong sense of community and enhance brand visibility through captivating outdoor lighting displays. These displays, particularly when situated in high-traffic areas such as main streets or shopping centres, serve as both accessible attractions and promotional tools for local businesses. The development of an engaging outdoor lighting display demands meticulous planning to ensure effectiveness and safety.

Here are four critical focal points we prioritize in planning, designing, and executing outdoor Christmas displays in public spaces:

1. Purpose and Engagement:

    • Define the objectives of the display:
      • Is it to offer a photo opportunity or an interactive experience?
      • Will it serve as a centrepiece for community gatherings or is the intent to drive foot traffic to commercial zones?
    • Align the theme or message with your brand or event to enhance the items’ purpose.
    • Determine accessibility:
      • Will the display be accessible 24/7 or limited to specific times? Consider incorporating timers for operational efficiency.
      • Has physical accessibility been considered for all users?
    • Anticipate the expected foot traffic and design accordingly, such as incorporating multiple photo opportunities within the display to allow additional interaction points.

2. Surrounding Architecture/Environment:

    • Assess the setting:
      • Natural or built environment
      • Ground-level considerations
      • Reticulation systems
      • Overhead power
      • Overhanging branches
      • Existing weight-loading limitations
      • Address access and egress requirements.
    • Consider optimal angles for photography, including capturing logos or landmarks in the background.
    • Evaluate proximity to power sources.
    • Consider sight lines to adjacent structures.

3. Safety and Security:

    • Ensure compliance with low-voltage power supply standards for public installations.
    • Prioritize accessibility with ramped entries and exits for inclusivity.
    • Balance aesthetics with structural integrity.
    • Explore options like overhead power supply via catenary wire to mitigate trip hazards.
    • Obtain engineering certification addressing wind resistance and other safety concerns.
    • Implement measures to deter vandalism.

4. Finishes:

    • Address daytime appeal in Australia’s bright summer months alongside effective night-time illumination.
    • Utilize UV-stable and waterproof materials to withstand summer conditions, such as IP66/IP67 lighting components.
    • Consider aluminium frame construction for durability, weight efficiency, recyclability, and corrosion resistance.

In crafting memorable outdoor displays tailored to your audience and location, we aim to facilitate safe, secure, and successful festive events that foster community engagement and brand affinity. Let us assist you in creating memorable experiences that embody the essence of the holiday season.

(Article first published on Linked In, 1  May 2024)

  • Candy Cane Merry Christmas Arch with Christmas Trees and a light feature Boab Tree in the background at Central Park Gardens in Perth.