Major Christmas Trends for 2024

Every year the Christmas World Trade Show in Germany is a wonderful source of inspiration for our designers. Our Director, Leigh Gardner, shares four emerging trends we’re expecting to influence Christmas displays in 2024.

Our annual visit to the Christmas World Trade Show in Germany was, once again, a fantastic source of inspiration for our design team. It was also an opportunity to identify emerging trends within the commercial display industry which will influence the designs you see for Christmas 2024 and beyond.

We noticed trends that rely on emerging technologies, a retreat from the fast-paced world we live in, and a safe and familiar traditional offering that evokes long held traditions.

1.     Sustainability

Although a shift towards sustainable materials is nothing new across most industries, the past 2 years has seen a major increase in product development in the commercial Christmas space. This year it was interesting to see just how many global suppliers are adopting new manufacturing techniques to ensure their product is 100% recyclable upon its end of life.

At the 2024 trade fair, we met with our partners who shared a significant increase in such product offerings in comparison to last year. These products will allow you to make procurement decisions knowing that your investment will not only stand up to Australia’s harsh UV levels but can also be industrially composted in years to come.

2.     Biophilic design principles

Previously used primarily in the building industry, biophilic design aims to nurture the relationship between people and nature. Many have likened this trend to a ‘pre-tech’ era, focusing on stripping back all the distractions and demands we face in our day to day lives.

Expanding on biophilic design principles, this trend is about using high-quality trees and garlands that hold a classic shape and high foliage density, mirroring what is seen in the natural environment. The look is then finished simply with a generous embellishment of warm white lighting, with some minor light movement incorporated to provide a calm and comforting display. The introduction of rustic decorative components can also be introduced to further strengthen the connection to nature.

3.     Traditional festive hues

With an ability to evoke countless Christmas memories and feelings, reds, greens, and golds will again be front and centre across many displays in 2024. What’s different to other years? Well, not too much really!

What you are likely to see however is a larger focus on gold metallics used as feature accents to provide a lux and extravagant addition to the finish. Warm tones utilised across this colour palette will draw on the comfort and joy of Christmas whilst ensuring your clients create lasting memories.

4.     Interactive feature displays

Providing flexibility to display indoors or outdoors, feature displays offering a level of interactivity will become more prevalent across Australia’s assets in 2024. With our social media savvy population always wanting to capture the moment, lighting features that allow photo opportunities are a popular inclusion within any commercial decoration suite.

This year expect higher levels of user interactivity, with the ability for users to manipulate a display’s visual attributes becoming more common. This will also extend to the inclusion of soundscapes and other experiential elements that can be modified by user participation.

Of course, decorative displays for each individual asset always require consideration of existing architectural finishes, location, and demographics. However, these trends offer significant flexibility to be incorporated in new, bespoke designs this year and into the future.

(Article first published on Linked In, 20 February 2024, )

Image credit – Cadillac Feature Display by Jarrad Seng for City of Perth