Adventure Maze

The perfect attraction for junior explorers. The Adventure Maze provides a fantastic challenge and a place for kids to discover the fun creatures lying within.

About the Package

With walls of greenery, the Adventure Maze brings the fun of a traditional outdoor hedge maze to indoor spaces. It is full of colourful props for the kids to search out and twists and turns to create an immersive experience that will keep them busy!

While the maze does require a minimum floor space to be effective, it offers great opportunities for theming to suit your marketing campaign. Staff are provided with this attraction to ensure no one gets too lost and to ensure the safety of children within the maze.

The maze panels are 1.5m high to ensure there is limited impact on sight lines within your centre. This height also allows children to be fully immersed in the maze, while parents can keep an eye on their progress from outside.

Contact us to discuss space and layout options for your centre.

Package inclusions:

  • Artificial hedge maze
  • Fun fibreglass characters, including some motion sensor controlled elements
  • Costumed event staff
  • Statistics on visitor numbers
  • Optional –
    • Additional/alternative themed elements
    • Sensitive sessions

  • Layout view of the Adventure Maze kid's school holidays activity as installed at Mandurah Forum Shopping Centre