Bespoke Christmas Decoration Design, Supply and Installation

140 Perth (Three Year Supply and Installation Package)

The unique suite of decorations created for this distinctive retail location in Perth’s CBD was designed to provide a strong visual appeal and draw visitors off the public mall and into Railway Lane which offers a selection of retailers. The striking ceiling decorations perfectly complemented the existing architectural features, creating a warm festive atmosphere.


The design brief for this project required consideration of a number of factors. These included the varied demographic of 140 Perth, the need to complement the existing architectural features and urban art in the precinct and the fact that the space is open to the public 24 hours/day. I was also a requirement to light up the main laneway within the mall.

The final design consisted of a number of custom-designed ceiling decorations which were affixed to a selection of the yellow architectural structures throughout the laneways. The decorative suite was lit for 24 hours a day for the Christmas period and was composed of:

  • Large, gold framed pentagonal ceiling features which included a combination of warm curtain lighting, hanging, reflective gold diamonds and a diamond shaped pendant. The diamonds and pendants provided a beautiful sense of movement, and the two-dimensional diamonds enhanced the effect of the lighting by offering a warm reflective surface. The individual elements were trimmed with cool white neon flex to provide contrast and make the decorations a prominent addition.
  • Small, gold framed pentagonal ceiling features which included the combination of warm curtain lighting and reflective gold diamonds, replicating the larger features.
  • Individual gold framed, diamond shaped pendants embellished with neon flex lighting and a central Christmas bauble.

The hanging arrangement of the decorations was also given significant consideration to ensure visual appeal at each entry point. The main entry point had a significant display designed to attract and welcome passers by and dedicated visitors into the shopping mall.

Display of bespoke ceiling hung Christmas decorations at 140 Perth, designed by Dec the Malls

  • Custom designed Christmas decorations at 140 Perth