Christmas Lights Trail 2019-2022

City of Perth

For four years running, Dec the Malls has provided a range of dazzling installations for the City of Perth’s signature event, the Christmas Lights Trail. And, in 2023, we will again deliver some spectacular new displays.


The annual Christmas Lights Trail attracts nearly 400,000 people to the Perth CBD and Northbridge each year. It was recognised at the Western Australian Tourism Awards in 2021 where the 2020 event received gold in the Major Events and Festivals category.

As the event has grown, so too has the number of feature lighting displays we’ve supplied. The popularity and quality of our displays, along with our ongoing maintenance service during the events, has seen the number of installations delivered increase from five in 2019 to eleven in 2022.

Each year, our lighting displays have been chosen to have maximum visual impact, while also allowing visitors to enjoy interacting with them in a safe manner. The events were held during Perth’s summer which features very long daylight hours, so it was imperative that the displays had visual appeal during the day as well as when lit up at night.

We have supplied a wide variety of exhibits, ranging from classic Christmas characters to original, custom-designed Australian items. Dec the Malls has worked with our partners to design and create numerous unique Australian displays that were seen for the first time at this event.

As an outdoor exhibit conducted over a six-week period, the security, safety and longevity of each installation were critical considerations. All items were designed to be UV stable and withstand the intense summer sun.

Our displays were provided on a hire basis for the events, with full engineering certification, installation, ongoing maintenance, 24-hour breakdown repair call-out service, and bump-out also part of the package.

Our displays have included:

  • The 6.5m origami Reindeer installed as a water display within Perth’s Elizabeth Quay,
  • The Christmas Reindeer Welcome Arch,
  • The Vintage Christmas car,
  • The 4m tall origami Christmas Fox on a gold plinth,
  • The 5m long Horse and Carriage,
  • The 5m tall Giant Santa,
  • The 4.5m tall Teddy,
  • The 4.2m tall origami Cockatoo,
  • The 7m long, bespoke Christmas Snake,
  • The custom-designed FJ Holden Ute,
  • The Christmas Gnomes House, featuring the sounds of gnomes talking to each other,
  • The 6.5m tall Boab Tree,
  • The Gingerbread Train,
  • The 5m long Australian Platypus,
  • The Pink Flamingo,
  • The Christmas Countdown Clock,
  • The 3.5m tall Christmas Peacock,
  • The Gingerbread Man and Candy Canes,
  • The 12m long Flying Sleigh and Reindeer,
  • The Christmas boot with Christmas Tree,
  • The Present and Tree Display,
  • The custom-designed 4m tall origami Black Swan,
  • The 4m tall origami Kangaroo,
  • The Golden Walk-Through Christmas Present,
  • The 5m tall Frilled Neck Lizard,
  • The, 3.5m tall Polar Bear,
  • The Merry Christmas, Candy Cane Gate,
  • The stunning Native Flora Display,
  • The bespoke, Western Australian Numbat and Grass Tree, and
  • The custom-designed, 10m wide City of Perth Skyline Display.