Dwell Zone Tenancy Activation

Belmont Forum

Providing customers with a comfortable and relaxing space is a great way to make use of temporarily vacant tenancies. This space, created for Belmont Forum, is a great example of how empty spaces can be transformed into an asset.


The brief for this area included the need to incorporate some existing fittings, while providing a restful space for both adults and their children. A mix of seating, tables and greenery were introduced in a colour scheme that matched the flooring that was already in place.

Inclusions included:

  • Sofas,
  • Accent chairs,
  • Children’s beanbag chairs,
  • Tables,
  • Greenery wall panels, and
  • Window feature inclusive of greenery and signage.

Relaxing dwell zone created as a tenancy activation for Belmont Forum shopping centre
Dwell Zone Tenancy Activation for Belmont Forum Shopping Centre