Hillarys Boardwalk Christmas Supply

Hillarys Boardwalk, Perth (Three Year Supply and Installation Package)

A brand new suite of Christmas decorations, reflecting Hillarys Boardwalk’s connection to the sea, was created to deliver a magical festive atmosphere in both the retail and entertainment areas. 


Hillarys Boardwalk has a strong connection to the ocean which surrounds it, so a colour palette inspired by the sea was chosen for their new decorations. The colour scheme also complemented the décor and branding of the Boardwalk.  

A mix of matt and shiny teal baubles, opaque white baubles, white leaf sprays and dazzling, cool white lights was incorporated in all elements of the decoration suite. 

The Boardwalk features a range of indoor and outdoor areas, which allowed the use a various, coordinated, decorative elements. These included: 

  • Lit and decorated garlands, in combination with swag lighting in the internal mall areas, 
  • Lit and decorated, wall mounted wreaths at the entrances to the Boardwalk, 
  • Matching, pole mounted wreaths in the theatre area, with lit and decorated garlands hung between the wreaths, 
  • Three display pods, each featuring a lit and decorated Christmas tree and 3D light motif reindeer, and 
  • Two three metre tall, 3D light motif reindeers in the outdoor, theatre area.   

The decoration suite was provided as a three-year supply and installation package, allowing the Boardwalk to make the most of their available budget. 

In addition, to the product supply, in Year 1 of the contract, we provided an interactive feature display on a hire basis. Our FJ Holden Ute, with surfboard in the back, was the perfect display for this stunning waterfront location.