Decoration Refresh with New Santa Set and Floor Displays

Runaway Bay Centre (Three Year Supply and Installation Package)

A brand new, bright and cheerful Santa Set, along with refurbishment of existing decorations, has provided Runaway Bay Centre on the Gold Coast with a fresh sense of Christmas magic. 


Runaway Bay Centre’s existing suite of decorations was refurbished and enhanced by the addition of new display elements and a new Santa set. The new decorative items and colour scheme were carefully selected to provide visual continuity, creating a cohesive display throughout the centre.  

The placement of display elements was also reviewed to maximise the visual impact without impeding access to and visibility of other infrastructure, such as media screens within the centre.   

A three-year supply and install package was developed to ensure the new look could be provided within existing budgets, with the centre owning all of the new components at the end of the contract period.  

The package included:  

  • Refurbishment of wreaths and garlands with new baubles in a fresh colour scheme; 
  • Supply of floor display pods, each featuring a Christmas tree decorated to complement the centre’s wreaths and garlands and a gold, light motif reindeer; 
  • Supply of our Classic Santa Set;  
  • Supply of a decorated entry arch for the centre’s external boat parking pontoon – accessible to personal vessels, water taxi’s or jet skis; and 
  • Installation and removal of all decorations for the three years. 

All required plant and equipment and safety documentation were included in the package, as were complete stock lists and hanging plans.