Santa’s Lounge Room

Stockland Riverton – (New Supply)

A new location for the Santa Set at Stockland Riverton provided an opportunity to create a whole new experience – inviting visitors into Santa’s lounge room.


In 2021, the mall space that was usually home to Stockland Riverton’s Santa set was being used for other purposes so an alternative location was required. The utilisation and activation of a temporarily vacant tenancy to house the Santa Set enabled the creation of a completely new concept. A warm and cosy lounge room setting was created featuring atmospheric lighting, timber panel look walls, a faux fireplace and a range of festive elements.

While most of the set was brand new, some key pieces from the existing Santa Set, that were still in excellent condition, were incorporated into the design. These included the stunning, plush red throne and some of the props. By choosing a colour palette and finishes that complemented these existing items, we also ensured that the set sat perfectly amongst the rest of the Centre’s Christmas decorations.

Reindeer in front of a large Christmas tree decorated in red and gold in Stockland Riverton's Santa set

Gold nutcracker in the Santa Set at Stockland Riverton Shopping Centre
  • Santa Set featuring wide red throne, champagne coloured nutcrackers, red and gold stools , reindeer and Christmas tree