Public Space Decorations

City of Subiaco

Creating a festive atmosphere and making the Subiaco town centre a desirable destination during the Christmas period was a key part of the brief for the City of Subiaco’s new decorations for 2021 and 2022.


The comprehensive package created for the City of Subiaco included street motifs, showcase installations and decoration of a live Norfolk Pine at the City’s administration building.

Elegant street pole and cross street motifs were selected to complement the stylish, historical architecture found along Subiaco’s main street. We also ensured that the chosen design had both day and night-time appeal as Western Australia experiences long summer days during the Christmas period.

The decorations were constructed of high quality, commercial grade materials to ensure they would maintain their appearance over the two years of the contract and beyond. The finishes, including the warm white lighting, red, white and gold baubles and the gold metal surfaces, ensured that the street motifs linked with the other decorative items supplied.

The large Norfolk Pine Tree at the City’s Administration Building was also given a new suite of decorations. Again, these were chosen to have visual appeal both during the day and at night. The decorations included elements that featured in the street motifs such as gold, metallic stars and teardrop shaped pendants which lit up beautifully at night.

In addition, two showcase installations were installed in 2021. The City’s existing 10.5m Christmas Tree was dressed up with a fresh suite of decorations. Elements from the street motifs were used to create continuity. Light stars, gold metal stars and red, white and gold baubles of various sizes were added to complement the existing warm white lighting on the tree.

The second showcase installation was our 4m Festive Fox, mounted on a gold plinth which was wrapped to promote the City’s Christmas campaign. The fox was selected to provide a dazzling focal point for photographs, harmonise with the other decorative elements and fit the available physical space without causing obstruction of access.

In 2022, there will be some changes to the showcase installations – watch this space!

4m tall Festive Fox in the City of Subiaco in 2021

Street pole mounted Christmas motif decorations in the City of Subiaco 2021