Tech Fest

A feast for the senses! There’s something for everyone in this diverse collection of immersive, tech-based activities. Children and their parents will be mesmerised by the beauty of the dancing light matrix or can show off their artistic talents in the glow room.

For those with a bit more energy to burn, the interactive, living floor and the augmented reality (AR) screen offer loads of fun. And, everyone will enjoy taking a drive through familiar local scenes in our Combi Video Booth.

About the Package

This attraction can operate as a total package or the individual elements can be bundled in various combinations to create a tailor-made activation. In addition, some of the digital elements of these attractions are customisable to suit your location or a specific theme. Event staff are also provided to ensure the smooth running of the attraction.

There are specific space and height requirements for some of the modules in this attraction.

Contact us for more details on the suitability of this attraction for your space.

Package inclusions:

  • Dancing Light Matrix – customisable light and music programs
  • Glow Art Room – consists of a darkened room, lit by ultra-violet lights and clear panels for drawing on with neon markers (markers supplied)
  • Living Floor – customisable, interactive floor projections mounted on a truss frame enclosed by dark curtains
  • Combi Video Booth – replica Combi with movable steering wheel in front of a customisable video projection creating the sense of actually driving through local streets or iconic areas
  • Augmented Reality (AR) Screen – giant screen with various, interactive programs that respond to viewer’s movements
  • Event staff
  • Statistics on visitor numbers (dependent on event configuration and staffing)
  • Optional:
    • customisation of programmable elements of each module
    • sensitive sessions