Vikings and Dragons Quest

The villagers and dragons of Dragesfell (Dragon Hill) are depending on the brave young Vikings that can seek out the dragon’s eggs and raise the hatchlings to restore harmony to their town.

Our Vikings and Dragons Quest is an exciting, interactive experience that will deliver maximum visitor numbers to your centre. The giant, smoke-breathing dragons are a major attraction in themselves. Once combined with the beautifully themed set, Viking characters, craft activity and dragon egg hunt you have a first-class school holiday activation.

About the Package

The Dragons and Vikings Quest is designed around the story of Dragesfell, where the Viking villagers live in harmony with the local dragon population. But the dragons are growing restless!

Junior heroes are needed to brave the Dragon’s Lair and retrieve the dragon eggs. As the young heroes adopt and raise the baby dragons, harmony will be restored between the Vikings and the dragons. But first, the heroes will need to visit the village and, with the assistance of our Vikings, create their personalised shields to take into the (animatronic) Dragon’s Lair.

The activation set is fully themed with high quality, immersive props and is split into two distinct zones:

  • The Village – features 3D fibreglass Vikings, a Viking ship, themed flooring, vegetation and the craft zone. In the village, participants create their personalised shield with the assistance of our costumed staff.
  • The Dragon’s Lair – features one or more of our animatronic dragons (space dependent) in a themed setting including vegetation, rocks and lots of nooks and crannies for hiding dragon eggs. The heroes are welcomed to the lair by one of our Vikings who introduces them to his dragon friend and assists them in their search for their dragon egg.

While a complete package, including staff, craft activity and prizes (eggs), is available for this attraction, it can be customised to suit your available space, budget and campaign artwork.

Contact us to discuss the best arrangement for your centre.

Package inclusions:

  •         Themed display set including
    • Viking Ship
    • 3D fibreglass Vikings
    • Entrance arch and fencing
    • themed flooring, vegetation and other props
  •         2 x animatronic dragons (able to breath smoke if location allows)
  •         Art tables and chairs
  •         Craft activity and supplies
  •         Costumed Event Staff
  •         Prizes (Dragon eggs)
  •         Hand sanitiser station
  •         Statistics on visitor numbers
  •         Optional:
    • Customisation of artwork
    • Sensitive sessions

7m long Animatronic Dragon at Cockburn Gateway Shopping Centre as part of the Vikings and Dragons Activation
Children making Viking shields during the Vikings and Dragons Quest at Cockburn Gateway Shopping Centre
Vikings and Dragons Quest Activation Set at Cockburn Gateway Shopping Centre