Why Shopping Centres Outshine Online For Christmas Cheer

The magic and traditions of Christmas are cherished across generations and stunning displays continue to captivate people of all ages.

While internet shopping may be convenient for some, the immersive experience of visiting a shopping centre provides an unrivalled sense of enjoyment, community connection and excitement.

Shopping centres are uniquely placed to offer shoppers Christmas experiences that simply can’t be replicated online. Enchanting Christmas displays and interactive experiences, including the annual visit to Santa, offer centres excellent opportunities to encourage visitation and improve customer engagement.

Stepping into a shopping centre, adorned in sparkling Christmas decorations, with festive music playing and exciting displays in every window immediately creates a sense of holiday cheer and joy. Beautiful, themed displays and a magical Santa set promote the sense of wonder and anticipation so many of us associate with Christmas.

Visiting Santa for a family photo, exploring delightful new activations and discovering new stores or products with friends and family creates social connection and a real sense of community.

Investing in magical new Christmas displays or providing unique, interactive experiences in your centre provides wonderful surprises that will draw customers to your centres. Offering entertaining and joyful experiences will also help to extend dwell times and promote increased retail spend.

At Dec the Malls, we are focused on providing you with Christmas decorations, displays and experiences that are specifically designed for your centre and its clientele. We deliver bespoke solutions based on the demographics of your centre and that support your marketing goals for the season. Whether you’re considering new decorations for your centre or centres, looking to freshen up your Santa set or would like to introduce a new interactive experience, our design team would love to assist.

(Article first published on Linked In by Dec the Malls’ General Manager, Kieren Colville, 26 March 2024)